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The TACTOP Plate Carrier is a simple yet effective soft armor carrier. It consists of a band that consists of four adjustable straps that allow you to adjust the positioning of your plates. The straps can be adjusted to accommodate various sizes and weights, making the plate carrier easy to use. It comes with two elasticized Velcro points to keep your plates in place. The arm band also features a pocket for storing small items like keys or cash.

These carrier bags are made of high density and flexible poly-leather body armor that protects the user against sudden and violent movements. A typical plate carrier is made of soft armor placed over a shirt, so it won’t increase your level of concealment. However, if you’re in a combat zone, this is not a problem. The tactop plate carrier is a versatile, lightweight, and comfortable way to carry a plate.

The tactop plate carrier is designed for rapid deployment. It’s a low-profile alternative to body armor. Originally developed by the US Special Forces for the protection of their front torsos during mass shootings, this vest has been adapted to fit a variety of situations. Its low profile and versatility make it ideal for concealment, which is a great factor for avoiding unwanted attention. This product is also lightweight, and offers exceptional protection against a wide range of weapons.